Travel Analytics Updates

We deployed a new version of Travel Analytics earlier this week to introduce a few new features.

SME Report Update

Customers with Trans Tasman trip types enabled will now see Trans Tasman Air, Hotel and Car spend data in the SME report.  Corporate Logo’s will also appear on the report.

Air Segment Dashboard

We have updated the trip type filter on the Air Segments dashboard to display Domestic and International trip types only.

The calculation we use to determine destinations – a stopover greater than 24 hours – does not differentiate between Trans Tasman and International itineraries.  As a result, the previous trip type configuration displayed all international trips even if Trans Tasman was selected as the trip type.

Confused?  Great, and so were users, and we are not surprised, particularly when China, USA and Singapore were displayed as Trans Tasman destinations.  Sanity prevails and our support queues will be better for it.

Preferred Suppliers

A bug fix has been applied to allow administrators to set up preferred suppliers again.  Good news it that we are working on an enhancement to this feature to make it really easy for administrators to manage this.

Next Deployment

We have a great new feature coming up in the next deployment which allows administrators to categories fare types based on country settings.  This is really cool for markets like the US where they only have first and economy class.  Administrators will be able to configure Travel Analytics to display F and P class (first class) segments as business where the trip starts and ends within the US.  No more customers calling wanting to know who is travelling is 1A.  More on in a fortnights time when we release the update.