Customer Groups and Customers

Groups of customers can be assigned to a customer group.  This allows you to report on the customer group and individual customers within a group.  For example, if Movetech Australia and Movetech New Zealand were set up as individual customers (or debtors), then you have the option to create a group (Movetech Group) to link the spends together.  This is great feature where the customer requires consolidated reporting across all businesses as well as reporting for individual businesses.

Customer Group displaying grouped customers, Movetech Australia and Movetech New Zealand.

Furthermore, Travel Analytics is designed to display information only when it is available.  Therefore, if a customer has regions and divisions in their report hierarchy, all of these fields will display on the dashboard.  However, if the customer only has divisions in their hierarchy, then the regions will be hidden from view.

Selecting Movetech Australia from the Customer drop down automatically hides the region drop down as it is not included in the hierarchy.