Update to Air Segments Dashboard

We have deployed an update to the Air Segments dashboard to display the number of international segments in the Airline Market Share and Air Ticket Class graphs.

Previously, the graphs displayed the number of trips based on the destination or turn around point of the itinerary.  This reduced the number of segments displayed in the airline market share and fare class graphs, which confused users expecting to see more segments than trips.

As an example, a trip to the USA (Melbourne to Sydney to Dallas Fort Worth to Washington to Dallas Forth Worth to Melbourne) would have previously displayed as the one trip across all of the graphs.  Now the same trip will display as five segments in the Airline Market Share and Air Ticket Class graphs, and one trip in the Advance Purchase and Destination graphs.

Number of Trips by Destination Graph displaying the number of trips to Countries. Clicking on the bars will drill down to display the destination (or turn around point) of the trip.
Number of Segments by Class of Travel graph displaying the number of segments for travel to and within the USA.  Note how the total number of segments is greater than the number of trips in the destination graph above.

The update also adjusts how international and domestic flights are treated.  Using the itinerary above as an example, the dashboard will now display the Melbourne to Sydney as a domestic segment.  However, in the Excel download, it will appear as international, if the domestic segment is booked as part of an international itinerary.