Advance Purchase Drill Down

Last night we released an update, which allows users to drill down into the Air Segments Advance Purchase graph and the Average Ticket Price Comparison to Lead in Time graph in the Air Spend dashboard.

This feature allows users to understand the relationship between the types of fares booked (i.e. fully flexible and restricted economy airfares) and how far ahead travel is booked.  The hypothesis is, the closer you book to the departure date, the more expensive the fare will be i.e. travel will be in a higher fare class.  Now you can test this.

Click on the Bars

When you click on the bars within the graphs, the drill down refreshes to display the fare type description.  You can then click on the fare type description to display the actual class of travel (see below).

Days Booked in Advance graph as it appears in the Air Segments dashboard. Clicking the bars refreshes the data within the graph to display the class of travel (next graph).
Drill down displaying the fare type description.
Drill down displaying the class of travel booked.

The Air Segments data is based on individual segments within the itinerary, and the Air Spend data is based on the first segment of the ticket.

Pretty cool eh!