Carbon Emission Reporting

Air travel carbon emission reporting is now available to customers with access to the Air Segments dashboard in a downloadable Excel report.  CO2 emissions are shown in kilograms for each flight (or segment) which we calculate using methodology published by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and data sourced from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The starting point for calculating emissions is to calculate the circle distance between the city pairs (segments) provided by the Travel Managers in their air segment data.  Segments are then split into three categories: short, less than 550 km; mid, between 550 and 5500 kms; and long haul, greater than 5500 kms.  These categories are used to calculate fuel consumption, as fuel burn ratios are much higher on shorter flights than longer ones.

Extract of the Excel download displaying carbon emission data for individual flight segments

We also factor in a difference between economy and premium class travel for mid and long haul flights but not short haul, as most short duration flights  operate the one class (economy).  Finally, we factor in passenger load data published annually by IATA, however, we do not take into consideration the type of aircraft, as in most cases, the data.