Update to Air Segments Dashboard

We have deployed an update to the Air Segments dashboard to display the number of international segments in the Airline Market Share and Air Ticket Class graphs.

Previously, the graphs displayed the number of trips based on the destination or turn around point of the itinerary.  This reduced the number of segments displayed in the airline market share and fare class graphs, which confused users expecting to see more segments than trips.

As an example, a trip to the USA (Melbourne to Sydney to Dallas Fort Worth to Washington to Dallas Forth Worth to Melbourne) would have previously displayed as the one trip across all of the graphs.  Now the same trip will display as five segments in the Airline Market Share and Air Ticket Class graphs, and one trip in the Advance Purchase and Destination graphs.

Number of Trips by Destination Graph displaying the number of trips to Countries. Clicking on the bars will drill down to display the destination (or turn around point) of the trip.
Number of Segments by Class of Travel graph displaying the number of segments for travel to and within the USA.  Note how the total number of segments is greater than the number of trips in the destination graph above.

The update also adjusts how international and domestic flights are treated.  Using the itinerary above as an example, the dashboard will now display the Melbourne to Sydney as a domestic segment.  However, in the Excel download, it will appear as international, if the domestic segment is booked as part of an international itinerary.

The Cost of Changes

When a change is made to a booking requiring the ticket to be reissued, most travel management mid office systems have the ability to tag the transaction as an exchange or an additional collection (adcol).  If they can do this, and more often that not they can, we are able to update the original policy code to ‘Exchange Ticket’ when we import data into Travel Analytics.

Identifying exchange tickets in this manner, allows Travel Analytics to display the data in the policy compliance chart within the Global Dashboard, making it simple for the customer to find information on changes.

Moreover, when the customer clicks on the Exchange Ticket segment within the chart, a table opens with a list of all the changes, including: booking reference, traveller name, airline and the cost.  And they can even download the data into Excel.

It is a great feature, and a fast way for customers to access the data they required to understand the cost of changes to the business.

Semi Colon

This is not a grammar lesson but a great tip on how to send downloadable reports to more than one person at the same time.

In the email field within the Report Download Request dialog box, you can enter multiple email addresses by separating them with a semi colon.  For example: john@movetech.com; sam@movetech.com; helen@movetech.com.

Saves downloading the report multiple times or forwarding the report onto your customers or colleagues after you receive it.

Spend by Hotel Download

The accommodation dashboard has two options to download data. The first is the Accommodation Spend Data download, which provides a comprehensive data set if you want to do a warts and all interrogation of the customers hotel data.

However, if you only want a summary of the spend, including: location, hotel name, room nights, spend, average nightly rate and preferred flag, then look no further than the second option – Spend by Hotel Excel download.

It is a great way to get the data you require quickly without having to set up pivot tables to do it.

Printable Report Update

We recently released an update to Printable Reports which enables users to run report by region and division.

This update assists Travel Managers who need to provide organisations printed reports across multiple areas of the business i.e. Region and Divisions.

To utilise this feature, navigate to the Global Dashboard and set the on screen filters to display the data you need in the report.  Click the download button, and select Printable Report from the report (type) drop down in the download box that appears on screen.

Screenshot displaying filter settings which can be used in the downloadable printable reports

When you click Submit, the request will be queued and the report emailed to you once it is processed.

Invoice Search

A big time saver for customers is our invoice search feature. It allows them to look up and download a copy of an invoice issued by the Travel Manager.

To access the feature, click the Search link at the bottom of the slider menu within any Travel Analytics dashboard.

When the link is clicked, a search box opens allowing them to enter details of the invoice they require.  Clicking the search button, opens another window providing a list of invoices that fall within the criteria entered in the previous screen.

To download the invoice, the user simply clicks on the invoice number (link) and it will automatically start to download.

The invoice is a recreation (copy) of the original invoice issued by the Travel Manager. The invoice is ATO compliant, and comes complete with details of the charges and any references the customer uses to track the invoice internally.