Latest Updates

Client Name in Registration Email

Invitations sent to customers inviting them to access Travel Analytics, now include the TMC name (‘[TMC name] Reporting’) in the first line of the email.  This allows the customer to associate the TMC to Travel Analytics so they don’t think we are a bunch of spammers trying to hack into their system!

Travel Analytics invite message featuring the TMC Name (Demo Reporting)

Segment Sequence for Air Segments (Excel download)

Our latest deployment contains a number of enhancements to Excel downloads.  Air Segments downloads now contain a booking sequence column.  This enhancement allows users to sort data by the booking reference and the order of the itinerary (booking sequence).

Customers are going to love this, as it allows them to quickly work out the types of fares being booked for each segment of the itinerary.  Finally, we can track who is booking restricted on outbound and flexible on the inbound.  Changes next…..

Air Segments Excel data showing the Booking Sequence Number

Duration in Car and Hotel Excel downloads

Hotel and car hire Excel downloads now contain a duration column.  This saves your customers doing calculations to work out how long they have stayed at a hotel or hired a car for.

Even better, where the data contains the date and time, we have updated the code to calculate an additional day for car rentals that exceed the 1 hour grace period.

Country Name in Excel downloads

We have added Departure and Arrival countries to city names to Air Segments and Air Spend Excel data downloads.  This is designed to assist those of us that don’t have a good grasp of Geography, and lets face it, who does?

Global Dashboard Screenshot Phased Out

This deployment we bid farewell to the Global Dashboard Screenshot.  While it has served many of us well, the deployment of the SME report has made it obsolete.