Fare Configuration – New Feature

We have just released a great new feature which enables you to configure airfare categories (i.e. Business, Flexible Economy, Restricted Economy etc.) by airline, class of travel, fare basis, location or a combination of the above.

We all know the US has two classes of travel: First and Coach (or economy).  When we travel to the US on a business class flight, internal US sectors, are in most cases, booked in P or F class, the default airfare class for First Class category.

While us industry types know it’s business and not first, the customer is not always that well informed, and the words ‘First Class Travel’ in a report is guaranteed to put the cat among the pigeons, resulting in a stream of ‘Please Explain’ emails from the customer asking why people are travelling first class.

Enter fare types configuration………

This feature allows administrators to look up and categories airfares that fall outside the standard defaults.  And it is really simple to do.

Start by navigating to data editing and clicking on the Fare Type tab.  Within the table you will see six columns: Airline, Origin and Destination Country, Fare Basis, Fare Class and Fare Type (see below).

Click on the Add button, and a form opens.  This is where you apply the magic.

Here are a couple of scenarios to explain how it works.  The first, P class airfares on American Airlines within the USA.  In the form, select the airline (American Airlines), Origin and Destination Country (USA), Fare Class (P), and the Fare Type you wish to categorise the fare as; in this case Business Class.  Click ‘Add’.

Now all American Airlines F class fares for travel within the USA will be categorised as Business Class instead of the default First Class.  Pretty cool eh!

In the next example, we are going to be a bit more generic and categories JetStar P class fares as Restricted Economy across all markets.

All we need to do is look up the airline (Jetstar), and the Fare Class (P), then select the Fare Type, in this case Restricted Economy, click Add and your done.

If you need to be really specific, then you have the option to select a fare basis.  In most cases you won’t need to do this, unless there are specific fares where the fare class is outside the norm or you want to add specific fare types (categories).